Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sorry for not writing for a long time. I haven't had the time with baseball, soccer and basketball.
Write soon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Tanks is a fun game on Wii play. I got to level 40 Dad got level 50 there's 100 levels. The colors of the tanks are tan, brown, green, yellow, red, light green, purplish brown, white, and black. I put them in easy to hard order. Light green can't move but they can fire 2 bounce rockets, purplish brown can move lay mines and fire one bounce missile, white are the same as purplish brown except they are invisible, black can lay 1 mine rocket and

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Video Game #6

Raptr a lizard shaman has joined the fight, for freedom. Lizard Fiend has died so Raptr is their leader now. Shadow dragons and skeletal dragons are their enemies. They wait in the air, so they can fly down and grab them with their talons and eat them! But their worst enemy is Docomadon Skeleton Shadow. He has 25 arms, they are dragon, skeleton and shadow arms. He is the leader of the vacartecort, the evil side of the world that no one can find because now it is buried in the middle of the Earth. Some people call it the Underworld, the place of vampires, dragons and all of those other things that are blood thirsty monsters. The Underwold is the place that everything that dies goes to.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Video Games 5 *The New Lizard Fighter*

The other lizards were sitting by the shore, because there was nothing to do but wait. Soon a new lizard jumped down from a high tree. That lizard handed them better weapons. Electric Ball got an electric stick. Frost Ball got a frost stick. Fireball got a fire stick. The new lizard who dropped down was named Poison Ball. They started to fight easy monsters, tougher monsters and even tougher monsters.

Lizard Fiend grew old and he died. Soon those lizards knew that they had to fight the evil monster. Soon all the lizards got the same type of weapon that they were named after. Like Poison Ball got poison shield, poison sword and poison armor. It was the same for Electric Ball, Frost Ball and Fireball. Those lizards became very good at fighting, soon they actually figured out that they had magic balls to shoot. Electric Ball shot electric balls, Frost Ball shot frost balls, Fireball shot fireballs and Poison Ball shot poison balls.

The monster was really a god. Soon the monster just took them up out of the ground and into the sky up in the clouds right in front of him. They fought him, soon they were blocking so hard that they kept walking backyards. The other three figured out that he was after Poison Ball. So the three went after him and attacked him so hard that he died. They came back to the ground, no one knows how they did it. Some think that they jumped down the tree's that were made for other people to get out of the clouds. They went back to their master and told him that the god was dead.

That was not the end though, they found that that god was just a distraction while the real god got tougher. The real god's foot was as big as a cloud now. So he jumped down off the clouds and reached all the way up to outer space. One stomp of his foot shaked the world so hard that the entire earth just started shaking. The lizards found a way to beat him. He was so big that the lizards looked like little bugs and he couldn't even see them. So lizards crawled up his leg, back and went into his ear to his brain and stabbed him in the brain. They pushed his brain apart and found his controls, inside was a little bug that had been controlling him. They pressed the self destruct button and his whole entire body fell over dead.

There are so many more monsters out there that they have to kill. No one knows if they will beat them all. Check out more stories coming up in video games 6....coming soon to a blog near you!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Video Games 4 *The Collide of the Lizards*

Four lizards collided around a stump. Soon the four lizards fought together against spiders, spideracks, meaner lizards and the bad side. The king of the bad side was the vampire. The lizards were a good team. Soon they came to tougher battles. After the tougher battles the vampire battle was getting closer. Soon they were there at the plain of nightmares, that was where the vampire was. They fought many people before they got to the vampire. They fought giant evil dogs, but before they got to the dogs they had to go through a maze which had archers shooting at them the entire time. When they got to the bridge on the two sides of the bridge were the dogs looking up at them waiting for them to fall down so that they could eat them alive. Soon they came to a tunnel with a lot of giant fish that were slug babies. Then when they got to the end they had to fight a bunch of monster slugs but they were alot tougher than regular slugs. Then they had to go all the way back and fight more slugs, because they figured out that the vampire wasn't there. Than soon they had to go through the dogs, it was the only way to get to the vampire. They went through the dogs, they almost died, but there was one named Lizard Fiend that had alot of powers that the others didn't have. The other lizards could only shoot poison balls. When they got out, Lizard fiend healed them with his powers. Soon they went through another tunnel that had more archers. The first tunnel they went through had lots of spiders, archers and these ninjas that hid from you and jumped out and tried to kill you. When they made it through that tunnel they went through one that only had archers. It was really hard because they kept shooting at you, they would of died if it wasn't for Lizard Fiend. Soon they were at the vampires lair and the vampire sucked their blood. Then Lizard Fiend healed them and shot a poison ball at the vampire and killed him. Than they figured out that he wasn't the king. It was Charasmatic Trool! The lizards almost failed. He made skeletons come up, after they killed all the all the skeletons he didn't have any more magic left to make more. The lizards attacked him from all sides, the one in the front was blocking though. They defeated him! The End!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Video Games Part 3 Lizard Fiends Return

Lizard Fiend came back! We finally knew he was alive still. We were happy to see that he was still alive. He told us all about the adventures he did when he came back. One of them he had fight a huge, huge, huge, huge dragon. Lizard Fiend has alot more weapons than he used too. Some of us think that the other warriors are jealous. He told us alot of bats have been flying near him. But not anymore!! Is that great or not great?! The End!